Sunday, August 3, 2014

simple succulent terrarium...

I love little things, plants, little plants, and especially plants you can't kill. This is where succulents come in. (ALL of the succulent.) My appreciation for these little cacti relatives got the better of me this past spring, while I was in the drugstore buying easter candy to send in some packages... In the end, B got a live surprise in his mail. (There was a second little guy mailed after the first suffered from some serious neglect.) A little over watering later, and we had two dead succulents and one guilty boyfriend.

Last week we went searching for projects in Goodwill, and couldn't find much of a fixer upper or anything. I settled for two small, round glasses (total: $3) to give B a generous third chance on being a plant owner.

As succulents need very little water, your soil cannot stay too wet. Some planters have holes in the bottom to allow water to drain, but to put holes in these glasses would be very involved. A thick layer of rocks however, gives the same draining effect.

One week later and they are still alive and enjoying their corner of B's desk!

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