Tuesday, June 24, 2014

hanging out with outdoorsy small people...

Entertaining this kid while the mothers spend some time together required a little creativity... After recently doing a serious cleaning-out of my room, I didn't have a lot of "stuff" to keep us busy. Breaking open my craft drawer, we found some washi "airline tape" and then decided we needed to tape everything together. A long Swan Lake visit later, we had an ample supply of leaves to make an "adventure log". A mis-matched envelope and cellophane envelope were the only contribution I was allowed to make aside from tearing the tape for him. 

He was very proud of the handmade souvenir and later added some "wild feathers" pulled out of the down pillows on the couch.

B sometimes paints

Just like any other normal couple, we spent our Saturday morning on a date at the local Goodwill. B wouldn't let me dig through clothes that were apparently "grimy", but I convinced him to pick up a few design-y coffee mugs and flip through boxes and boxes of records. Right before we were planning on leaving, he spotted this director's chair. Quite a steal for $6 and only in need of some fresh paint and new fabric.

Thankful for this handy guy and his labors of love.


And a quick throwback to last summer when he painted my bedroom purple... 

Miss you already.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

half birthdays = cake halves

When we were younger, my aunt always sent us little gifts in celebration of our half-birthdays. Since our actually birthdays tend to fall over the Christmas vacation, it sort of stuck. My sister's birthday happens to fall on my parents wedding anniversary, which also happens to be my dating anniversary with my boyfriend. This year, she made sure to let us know that she was going to pout for being the odd one out, and not celebrate anything. I decided that was boring...

In following with The Fault in Our Stars example, a 33rd half birthday is worth the celebration. It's too bad Hazel didn't have a cool sister like me to bake her a cake... Just saying.

Also, I was feeling extra generous and joined her in this eyesore of a pool the mother bought. You're welcome, it is never happening again. ()


Being a military family, we would typically pick up and move every couple of years. But for as long as I can remember, we have always returned to Williamsburg. Both of my parents did high school in Virginia (also military brats), but my dad's parents have since retired there. The familiarity of this colonial town is dear to my heart, as well as the history. Here are some stops we made this past weekend over a quick trip:

the Jamestown ferry


farmers market on DOG street

love this place and these tourists

NOTE: A trip to Williamsburg, Virginia is quite simply incomplete without a visit to the Cheese Shop

propagating progress: week 2

I may have been a little excited about these unintentional succulent babies, but physical evidence of progress has me in anticipation of all the growth yet to come! It is such a great feeling to have something come from hardly anything (a little water, TLC, et cetera).

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

year 2...

Got this in the mail today. B always catches me off guard with sweet and thoughtful things like this. They aren't rare or out of character, just always a little extra love and joy (which can seem so hard being far away). He is a keeper and so are the puns. Thankful for my best friend and how he loves me so well.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

sunny care packages...

"keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you" 

-Walt Witman

Threw together a simple care package for an old friend working at a summer camp for the next two months. Some candy, toiletries, and paper/art supplies for a bright surprise. Everyone deserves a little snail-mail, right?

B + vsco

No one really knows this, but my boyfriend is really artsy. He's secretly a lot of things (kind, introverted, brilliant, etc.), but this is top secret. He does a lot of neat things that are unique and creative, but most recently found VSCO and started editing photos he has taken. These are a few of my favorites right now...

This one isn't anything special, but it's his little dog's birthday so I requested one of Tiger and I.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

nope, I got 'em all cut

Took a leap of faith and tried a new local salon. Pleasantly surprised with the results, and pinky promised to stop trimming my own bangs. Here's to healthy hairs and happy summer smiles.

Friday, June 6, 2014

the smallest succulents

decided to mix and match the succulents I had picked up last week driving home

loved the yellow and mix of texture

wasn't the most gentle and ended up with many fallen leaves

decided to try my hand at propagation, and am waiting patiently for little buds...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2 hours from the beach, 20 minutes from nowhere...

finally spent some time out and about in Columbia

found Immaculate Consumption and fell in love 

I will always go for a turkey/apple combo and any form of iced coffee

 lunch food, coffee, and postcards - I couldn't ask for anything more

Finlay Park

Canal and River Front Park

pretty pitstops

some things are worth pulling over for

always stop for antiques, flowers, and succulents. always.