Sunday, July 6, 2014

State Capital vibes...

Living in a town with an Air Force base is most often a recipe for boredom. I'm serious... They are typically built where there is a lot of empty space and not enough people to complain about the noise. Any way, Sumter has proven to be full of lovely people and all the swans. Unfortunately, we have to drive the 40 miles to Columbia if we want to do any serious shopping or dining.

While B was planning on coming up, I made some to-do lists of things so we wouldn't run out of ideas or find ourselves bored. Here is what proved to be the best of them:

1.  Visit Swan Lake

2.  Find the best iced coffee

{aka Immaculate Consumption}

3.  Visit the University of South Carolina

{the "horseshoe" was stunning}

4.  Mural hunting

{I am a huge sucker for all things street art...}

5. Visit the State House

...and just to get the full effect of your SC trip, make sure to take time for a Fancy Milkshake. 

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